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Since 1921, our experienced staff and attorneys have been assisting parties with their real estate transactions. Searching, insuring and closing upon land titles throughout the Treasure Coast and Central Heartland regions is our business. Even when a title defect is discovered, you may relax, because our staff and attorneys know and can administer the cure quickly. You don’t need us to tell you that purchasing or loaning upon real estate can be stressful. It is our business to investigate the real property you intend to purchase or receive as land collateral, and advise you of any existing rights or claims that may put your transaction and future ownership or collateral at risk.

Title insurance provides you with indemnity protection from loss. Title insurance for owners and lenders whose land titles are impacted by trusts, estates, foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies are specialties to our experienced staff. With advance request, attorneys for either you or us may assist by preparing other transaction documents not directly related to the issuance of title insurance.

Get accurate information on title rates, doc stamps, mortgage transfer tax, intangible tax,
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